Welcome to tiFAKT

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// What You'll Get

  • TimeAccounting

    Single time entry? Time sheets? Excel? Control lists?
    tiFAKT has the right form for you.

  • Billing

    You need to bill a whole project? Only a single file?
    tiFAKT generates the lists you need. Just press a button.

  • Excel

    Want to continue using Excel for your time sheets?
    No problem with tiFAKT. Just go on and import your Excel sheets and everything is organized.

  • Mobile App

    You're on the road? Working at your client's place?
    tiFAKT comes with you. Always and everywhere. iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry & co.

  • Reports

    You're the managing partner of a law firm and need to lead your company?
    tiFAKT gives you the reports you need, see whether your employees are working full capacity and your business is cost effective.

  • Flexibility

    You want to bill your worktime using your established software?
    tiFAKT can communicate with other software using excellent export and import technologies.

// Testimonials